why making a budget is important
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Why making a budget is important?

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Budget is a financial plan which people make to manage their money. It accounts for all your income sources and expenditures by keeping future plans under consideration. Budget making is an important tool to keep a check on expenses therefore it is beneficial for everyone whether it is an individual or a corporate. 

Benefits of making a budget

1. Helps in controlling your unnecessary expenditures

People often spend recklessly on things which they may not need or are not very much important to them and this usually occurs when we don’t know where and how much to spend and this sometimes leads to the burden of debt. Budget making helps in determining when you should stop spending especially on things which we don’t need. 

2. Helps in saving more and creating an emergency fund

Budgeting allows us to save more and plan about the emergency situation by creating an emergency fund. An emergency fund is emergency money which people keep for unexpected expenses, for example, sudden medical emergency, unemployment, etc. While overspending we usually don’t think much of savings or emergency funds and don’t realize how important they are. 

3. More investments 

Working according to a budget will leave you with some extra money which you have saved from overspending and this extra money can be utilized in many investment opportunities which will further help you to grow and achieve your financial goals in much less time than expected. 

4. Helps in achieving long term goals 

With budgeting, one can achieve their long term planned goals in a less period of time whether it is for saving up for a home or for a new startup. 

5. Control over money  

Budgeting gives you a feeling of control over your money, as you know where your money will be going. It will save you from the stress of a sudden lack of funds which you would have spent without any planning. 

6. Helps you in getting debt free

By making a budget, analyzing and keeping a check on your spending habits, one may be able to get rid of debt in an achievable time.  


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